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Achieve Lasting Results with Expert Guidance

The Train Like Rob Method

The Assessement

best personal trainer vancouver

 We perform an initial fitness assessment, including a movement screening, a body fat check, and a posture check, as well as an analysis of your health history and nutrition. 

The in Gym Plan 

best personal trainer vancouver

We will craft a fitness program that aligns with your goals, whether you're looking to lose weight, build muscle, increase endurance, or improve overall fitness.

The Solo Set Up

best personal trainer vancouver

Access your workouts and training sessions from anywhere with an internet connection.Your program is custom-tailored to your goals, fitness level, and equipment availability.

14+ Years of  Professional Experience

20,000 Hours of Training Experince

1000+ Clients Coached

Our Services

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In Person Training

Work in a one-on-one setting to achieve your fitness goals. Receive individualized workouts, expert guidance, and motivation to help you reach your full potential. 


Virtual Coaching

Receive personalized coaching and support in the comfort of your own home or remotely. Stay motivated, accountable, and achieve your fitness goals through virtual coaching sessions.


Corporate Wellness

 Our tailored corporate wellness program boosts productivity and morale with fitness classes, health screenings, nutrition workshops, and stress management techniques. 

About us

As a dedicated and experienced personal trainer in Vancouver, I am committed to helping you achieve the results you desire. With personalized workout plans tailored to your specific needs and goals, I will guide you on your fitness journey every step of the way. From improving strength and endurance to losing weight and boosting confidence, the benefits of personal training are endless. Let me be your partner in success and support you in becoming the best version of yourself. Together, we can accomplish your fitness goals and transform your life.



Our structured approach includes strength training, cardiovascular fitness, and flexibility for optimal results.


Receive tailored guidance for meal planning, healthy choices, and long-lasting lifestyle adjustments.

rest and recovery

Optimize your recovery process, allowing you to reach your fitness goals efficiently and effectively.

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- how our clients feel-

I started to train with Rob in October 2022. He was recommended to me by a good friend who improved her physical condition tremendously working with Rob. It inspired me to try. I am 62 years old and retired in March 2022. I was working too much, was not is shape and figured out it was time to look after my physical condition. After almost 10 months of training with Rob, I can only say good things. He is very knowledgeable and make sure I train properly to avoid injuries. It has been one of my best decisions and I continue to train with him. He motivates me and helps me add quality days and months to my life expectancy.

Jacques Perron


Key Benefits of Personal Training:


- Achieve superior results with a certified personal trainer in Vancouver

- Receive custom workout plans tailored to your goals and fitness level

- Improve strength, endurance, and overall fitness with expert guidance

- Target specific objectives like weight loss or muscle gain effectively

- Boost your confidence and self-esteem through progress tracking

- Stay motivated and committed with personalized training sessions

- Prevent injuries and master proper exercise techniques

- Enjoy a challenging and fun workout experience in Vancouver


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Train Like Rob

Fairmont Hotel Vancouver

900 W Georgia St, Vancouver, BC V6C 2W6


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